Outdoor Using with Exchangeable Air Outlets

Different Use of our 3in1 unit with Window Kits
-Put the portable air conditioner indoor, and exhaust hot air out with window kits
-Put the portable air conditioner outdoor, and blow the cooling air inside room with the hose and window kit.

Please use with our Window Kits to utilize the cooling/ heating efficiency and user experience.

(Upper Pic.) General Use
Please connect the exhaust hose between the unit and the wndow kit, the hot air 
could be released through the hose and keep indoor cool and fresh.

(Lower Pic.) Outdoor Use
Please exchange the cool air oulet and hot air outlet before using.
Put the Hose connector to the cool air, and blades to the hot air.
Then, the hose leads the cool air into the ambience through the window kits whle the unit operating outside.