Zhongshan LianChang

Experienced Manufacture Pioneers in Portable Home Appliance

Zhongshan LianChang

Experienced Manufacture Pioneers in Portable Home Appliance

We’ve developed new products with Taiwanese creativity and attitude.

We manufacture with learning from Japan and quality standards.

We own great resources and supplies of China.

Air Conditioning Master from Taiwan

Zhongshan LianChang, one of the professional Taiwan ODM/OEM manufacturers in China. Our experienced R&D team from Japan and Taiwan home appliance industry builds us an "AirMaster", specialize in Portable Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, and Air Purifiers. We are keen to create SMART compound products satisfying users' multi-needs. We want to follow users' lifestyles, simplifying complex operating procedures in life.

Zhongshan LianChang believes in the balance and fairness of creatures on earth. Thus, we utilize the reuse and recycle of Air and Water resource in the pursuit of sustainable developments in business and environment:

Product Concept: Smart Living& Simple Living

Product Concept: Smart Living& Simple Living

√ Simple Life:

* Self-Detection and Conditioning
  [Temperature, Humidity and Timing]

* Easy operating and soothing All-in-One unit

√ Resource Reusing n Pollutant Reducing: 

* Waste Recycle and Reuse
  [Condensate Sterilization, Exhaust purification]

* Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant Adoption: Low GWP

√ Quality Air:

* Constant temperature and damp
  [Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifying, Humidifying]

* Fresh and Healthy Breeze
  [HEPA Filtration, High CADR, Efficient ACH,
   Powerful Odor & Dust Reduction ]

√ Energy Saving:

* Best EER achievements:
  EU[Class A++], USA[Energy Star certified], TW[1st Grade]

* Efficient and Strong Performance

Go Green, Go Sustainable

Go Green, Go Sustainable

Zhongshan LianChang believes that we, an Air Conditioner manufacturer could influence the environment deeply, have a responsibility to transform ourselves to be a green industry. LianChang has been striving to find solutions to decrease the effect since we enter this area, we execute our green principles determinedly: Green Policy, Green Product, Green Process, Green Partner.

Reduce the damage and the waste

  +Free from hazards: All the materials are ROHS certified, our upstream & downstream supply chain are applied as well.

  +Against Global Warming: Use environmentally friendly refrigerant alternatives producing lower GWP.

  +Smart electric consuming: Improve the performance and efficiency of portable air conditioner and dehumidifiers to avoid wasting time and electricity to reach users' satisfaction. Save the resource, save the energy, save the money.

Reuse the resource

  +Non-renewable water resource: Consider the preciousness of water, we carefully use every drop of water.        The condensate could be used to moisturize or to sterilize the ambiance, generating more value.

  +Clean Exhaust Air: All the exhaust air of Zhongshan LianChang's Portable Air Conditioner is under filtration and sterilization that no more emission but fresh healthy air released.

Rescue the creatures and the habitat

Everyone has the right to drink water and breeze fresh air, and Zhongshan LianChang commits ourselves to develop products for clean water and fresh air continuously.

Our Watermaker is designed to produce drinking water from the air for those countries being a lack of clean water. Our Mini 6-in-1is design for people suffering extreme weather or hazardous pollutants can solve the entire problem at a fair price.

Repurpose the needs and usage product

Do we really need so many machines[air conditioner, heater, clothes dryer, dehumidifier...] at home for limited purpose? Many resources are consumed during production, transportation, distribution, daily maintenance and discard. Zhongshan LianChang wants people to re-think the needs of products, and we want to create a new definition of them. The 6 in 1 portable air conditioner is invented to combine all the machines, so one unit can solve problems through different situations and weather.